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Transparency Portal

Transparency is one of the main values that identify the VIK Hotels hotel chain. In this search, we make the following information available to citizens, in order to improve good governance. With this transparency portal, the company seeks to improve actions aimed at increasing communication with society in general and with its customers, developing it as a basic foundation for quality policies from the mission, vision and values of our organization.

1. Institutional information

1.1 History

To consult the general institutional information of VIK Hotels follow the following link .

1.2 Information on the functions performed by the organization

To consult the general institutional information of VIK Hotels follow the following link .

2. Organizational information

Collective agreements are identified as a basic rule for the good governance of VIK Hotels, in which the mission, vision and values that drive us are collected. We organize ourselves in the best way to guarantee a solid structure that can give an effective response in defense of the rights of people with mental health problems and attention to their social needs and full inclusion.

2.1 Applicable regulations

The regulations applicable to the organization in relation to transparency are as follows:

At the regional level: Law 12/2014, of December 26, on transparency and access to public information (BOE) .

At the state level: Law 19/2013, of December 9, on transparency, access to public information and good governance (BOE).

2.2 Organization of Vik Hotels

VIK Hotels is organized through a structure that represents the main business area of the company and the support areas that support the administration.

In this way, directed by the management, each hotel complex has a director, who in turn has a team of professionals, all of them with extensive experience in the business area they develop.

You can download the Corporate Organizational Chart from the following link

3. Economic-financial information

In the exercise of transparency, VIK Hotels externally audits its annual accounts annually.

4. Audit and control reports

Audit Report 2020

5. Information on Agreements and management assignments

The agreements in which VIK Hotels is signed are:

Does not apply for fiscal year 2021.

6. Information on grants and subsidies

Grants and Subsidies - Year 2021

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